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ANZ, 100 Queen Street
ANZ, 100 Queen Street

Alternative solutions

With the enactment of the Access to Premises Standard into the Building Codes of Australia, compliance with AS 1428.1 became a mandatory requirement. For many developers this becomes a significant limitation as there are practical, financial or technical reasons why compliance cannot be achieved. We are able to work with the Building Surveyor, architect and developer to develop a functionality based outcome where accessibility is applied in a “common sense” manner.

Design reviews and construction sign off

We work with the design and project management team throughout the design process to provide proactive design suggestions, enhancements and options for not only compliance to Australian standards but also to encompass families, parents with children, the elderly and service personnel.

Projects include:

  • Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Gold Coast Rapid Transport
  • Yarra Trams low floor stops
Royal Children’s Hospital
Royal Children’s Hospital
Telstra Centre
Telstra Centre

Fitout reviews

MAC are able to review a fitout design or prototype to ensure it they provides appropriate accessibility for all staff and visitors. The minimum standards of AS 1428.1 2009 generally doesn’t cover many of the components of a fitout such as seating, office layout, kitchens, break out spaces, equipment or technology. These are areas and others are encompassed in the fitout review

Projects include:

  • ANZ Bank Retail branches
  • Telstra Centre T Shops
  • NAB 700 Bourke Street building fitout

Masterplanning reviews

MAC provide a review for any proposed development at masterplan or concept stage to identify and resolve the vast majority of accessibility issues. In most instances a significant cost saving is achieved by getting the right accessibility provided without having to modify designs at a late stage because of BCA non compliances or seeking alternative solutions.

Projects include:

  • Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics masterplan
  • Melbourne Park masterplan
  • ANZ Head office Docklands
ANZ Head office Docklands
ANZ Head office Docklands

Event and Overlay planning

MAC are one of the worlds most experienced access consultants at developing family friendly and accessible community, social, lifestyle and sporting events and festivals. We provide services including overlay development, work with hire and overlay companies, development of operations plans, staff training and post event evaluation.

Projects include:

  • 2012 – 2014 Australian Open Tennis
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics
  • 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and Paralympics

Development applications

We have provided many expert assessments and supporting reports for development applications to ensure accessibility and the DDA is reflected positively in the submission for council. For some council’s this has also required inclusion of adaptable housing designs.

Projects include:

  • GTV9 Residential Development
  • NAB Head Office
  • Docklands Library development

Guidelines, Policy and Action Plan Development

We have created many accessibility guidelines, policy and DDA action plans ranging from Major event policies and guidelines to tenancy rental guidelines for banking institutions. All were create to establish a benchmark of technical or service provision and easy to follow guides for staff.

Projects include:

  • ANZ Bank Retail design guidelines
  • Equal First – 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games Diversity Policy
  • Olympic and Paralympic Accessibility Guidelines for the International Paralympic Committee

Technology or Product review and endorsement

Many new technologies and products are bought to the market to enhance accessibility. We are able to review the designs and either endorse them as being compliant to Australian Standards or as functional using expert opinion

  • Reece product range
  • Office safety strip
  • NAB tellers counters

Expert opinions

There are many instances where an expert opinion is required to clarify is a design, built environment, event, operation, policy or procedure is equitable, safe, dignified or allows independent accessibility. Having 20 plus years of personal experience with a disability as well as a human movement degree and providing expert advice on vastly differing projects, allows credibility and common sense to be presented to any given situation.

Presentations or staff training

The Director of MAC, Nick Morris is a Paralympian and educator who has provided technical, motivational and structured presentations to a variety of clients. The messages vary from managing adversity to realisation of potential through to how to appropriately apply AS 1428 series and the DDA.

  • International Paralympic Committee
  • Workcover
  • RMIT
  • AFL Sports ready